About Robbie Richardson - Referral Farrier

  • After qualifying as a Farrier in 1975 I started my general practice in the South West of the UK.
    • At the same time as building a client base I worked with veterinary practises and Exeter University concentrating on referral Surgical Work and Biomechanics.
      • In 1987 I opened the Greatcombe Equine Clinic - a unique facility dedicated to a variety of referral work centred on farriery.
        • After 7 years of running the Clinic I published: ‘The Horses’ Foot and Related problems’ A book for vets, farriers and owners.
          • have now transformed my farriery practice of maintenance and treatment work so that it is 100% barefoot trimming.
            • I have invented the ‘Rockfoot hoof gauge’ which makes it possible to identify the angle of the horn at the point of production in relation to the pedal bone.
              • This in turn can produce the ‘True Dorsal wall Angle’ thus minimising strain to the dorsal wall and connected tissue, in the shod or unshod horse.
                • Through my interest in nutrition I also developed ‘Rockfoot hoof powder’ a balanced combination of magnesium and calcium mixed individually for each horse.